McCrimmon Discography

Frummox: Here to There, ABC/Probe, 1969. LP.

Colorado Folk. Biscuit City, 1973. LP.

Colorado Folk II. Biscuit City, 1974. LP.

Dan McCrimmon: Dreams, Lies and Whispers. Biscuit City, 1975. LP.

Daniel McCrimmon: New Road. Biscuit City, 1977. LP.

Kerrville Folk Festival, Kerrville, 1978. LP.

Frummox II. Felicity Records, 1982. LP.

Coming West: a Journey on the Oregon, California and Santa Fe Trails. Booshwah Records, 1989, Cassette tape. and 1995, CD.

Kate ’n’ Daddy: Kate McCrimmon, Family and Friends. Denver, CO, 2001. CD.

Santa Fe Trail Scenic and Historic Byway: The Mountain Branch. National Park Service, (n.d.)CD.

Covers of Dan McCrimmon Songs

“Don't Go to Mexico.” B.W. Stevenson on Lead Free. RCA Records, 1972. LP.

“Alkali Water.” Randy Handley on Keepsake. Biscuit City, 1975. LP

“The Weaver's Song.” Mike Williams on The Radio Show. B.F. Deal Recordings, 1975. LP.

“Kansas Legend.” Robin and Linda Williams on Robin & Linda Williams. Flashlight Records, 1975. LP.

“Kansas Legend.” Allen Wayne Damron on The Old Campaigner. B.F. Deal Records, 1976. LP.

“Broken Hand.” Ed Trickett on Echo on the Evening Tide. Azalea City Recordings, 1999. LP.